Watermark takes a culinary approach to the art of the cocktail. Our drink menus are expertly crafted by talented mixologists and vary with the seasons and availability of ingredients. Recipes are followed faithfully to ensure consistency and quality.

Many of our specialty cocktails are made with spirits infused in-house; all juices are freshly squeezed; our ginger beer is made from scratch - and jigger measures are used to ensure accurate pouring.

Our wine list is the product of a close collaboration with our in-house sommelier and is selectively edited down to highlight the versatility of the world’s premier wine growing regions, while offering a broad range of tastes.

Our bottled beer list consists of popular house staples – as well as a rotating selection of seasonal beers from top micro-breweries.

We also offer a range of low and nonalcoholic cocktails, teas, coffees, espressos and soft drinks.